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  • Is "Free MusicKey" a free platform or I have to pay for resources?"
    YES, "Free MusicKey" is a FREE platform for EVERYBODY! You are welcome to download, print, and share all resources that are posted here. You only have to 'Log in' or make an account before using a 'Share File' folder. It is super simple!
  • Can I also share my resources on "Free MusicKey" site?"
    At the moment, you can't share your own resources here, but if there will be requirements, it will be super easy to manage it! Let us know if you are interested in this function and we will try our best to meet your needs!
  • Can I suggest new resources to "Free MusicKey" for free?"
    YES! You can suggest any resources you are interested in and "Free MusicKey" will create it for you! It is FREE for everyone! Just let us know what you need and we will make it for you! We will give more details upon your requests!
  • How often does "Free MusicKey" release new resources?"
    We try our best to update and create new resources weekly! It might take more time for some resources (it depends on the topic) but updating its weekly is our goal anyway!
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