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The History of Music: Prehistoric Music

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Music is found in every known culture and religion, past and present, varying widely between times and places. Since all people of the world, including the most isolated tribal groups, have a form of music, it may be concluded that music is likely to have been present in the ancestral population prior to the dispersal of humans around the world.

Prehistoric music refers to the music of early human societies, from the emergence of Homo sapiens up until the development of written records. Archaeological evidence, such as bone flutes and cave paintings, suggests that music played an important role in prehistoric societies for a variety of purposes, including ritual, social bonding, and communication. However, the specific characteristics and styles of prehistoric music remain largely unknown, due to the lack of written records and the limited survival of instruments and other musical artifacts. Nonetheless, the study of prehistoric music provides valuable insight into the musical and cultural practices of our earliest ancestors.

Music Lesson Plans: The History of Music (Prehistoric)


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