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Storytelling Through Music: Creating Musical Stories

A musical story is a composition that tells a story through music. It uses various musical elements, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, and tempo, to convey a narrative or depict a scene, character, or event. A musical story can be a standalone composition, or it can be part of a larger work, such as an opera, musical, or ballet. Musical storytelling is important for students' development and skills as it provides an opportunity to develop their creativity, musical skills, and their ability to communicate ideas and emotions through music. It also helps them develop their critical thinking skills, as they must use their imagination and problem-solving skills to convey a narrative through music.

Musical storytelling can also help students improve their listening skills, as they must listen carefully to the various musical elements in the composition and understand how they contribute to the overall narrative. Additionally, it can help students improve their ability to collaborate with others, as musical storytelling often involves working with other musicians, such as vocalists, instrumentalists, and conductors. Finally, musical storytelling can help students develop a deeper appreciation for music and its ability to convey powerful emotions and tell compelling stories. By creating and performing musical stories, students can experience the transformative power of music firsthand and develop a lifelong passion for this art form.

Overall, musical storytelling is an essential component of music education, as it provides students with a unique opportunity to develop their creative, critical thinking, and musical skills while also fostering a deeper appreciation and love for music.

The following lesson plans will help you organize your teaching and learning process for your students. Feel free to choose a lesson plan depending on the music curriculum you follow in your music course:

  • The International Baccalaureate programmes (IB): Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP)

  • National Core Arts Standards (NCAS)

Music Lesson Plans


LP 'Creating a Musical Story' (PYP) PDF
Download PDF • 305KB


LP 'Creating a Musical Story' (MYP) PDF
Download PDF • 307KB


LP 'Creating a Musical Story' (NCCAS) PDF
Download PDF • 306KB

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