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The Elements of Music: Genres (World Music)

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

World music is a genre of music that encompasses a broad range of traditional and contemporary music from various cultures around the world. It often involves a fusion of musical elements from different cultural traditions, and is characterized by its diverse instrumentation, rhythms, and vocal styles. World music often features a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, and reflects the unique cultural heritage of different regions and communities. It has influenced various genres of music, including pop, rock, and jazz, and has produced numerous iconic performers and songs. Today, world music continues to evolve and remains a popular and influential genre in the music industry, with a growing global audience and fanbase. World music is appreciated by a diverse audience of music lovers, from casual listeners to those who value the genre's rich cultural heritage and unique musical traditions.

Music Lesson Plans: Genres (World Music)


LP 'Genre-World Music' (NCCAS_PYP_MYP) PDF
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Presentation: Genres (World Music)

Musical Genres-World Music PDF
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